Tales of strange laws have been passed through the ages, and have now made their way onto the internet. As fanciful as they are, are they true? You be the judge.

I wonder if that monkey wore a suit to court. Indiana isn’t the only state to allegedly have some strange animal laws. There’s a rumor that Baltimore residents aren’t a fan of predators at their local cinema.
What are the lions supposed to do if they can’t catch a flick with the rest of us? Maybe they can take up gambling as a pass time. But if it’s bingo in North Carolina, they better hurry up.

What do you think – true or false? The truth is, a lot of these laws are sensationalized versions of much less interesting (but true) laws. You may not be able to bring any animal into a movie theater in Baltimore, but it’s fun to imagine a lion eating popcorn.

There are plenty more legends roaming around, even in our own state of California. There’s a myth that it’s illegal to peel a tangerine in California hotel rooms. Where else are we supposed to enjoy some tangy citrus?

For more myths and strange laws, follow our Facebook page. We have our finger on the pulse of the reality of labor laws (our specialty) and on the strangest laws of the land.

If you hear of any funky laws, share them with us!

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